Data Backup Checklist

Hotels rely on technology to manage reservations, guest information, financial transactions, and daily operations. With so much data at stake, the consequences of losing information could be disastrous. That’s why implementing a reliable data backup system is crucial.  

A data backup plan ensures that critical information is protected from accidental deletion, system failure, cyberattacks, or other unexpected events.  

By following a backup checklist, hotels can safeguard their data and minimize the risk of data loss. 

[ ] Identify Critical Data  Determine all critical data, such as guest information, financial records, or operational data.
[ ] Establish Backup Frequency  Backups should be frequent if data changes often and be tailored to the hotel’s needs. 
[ ] Test Backups  Ensure that data can be restored in the event of a loss. 
[ ] Store Securely  Store backups in the cloud or a secure offsite facility to protect against physical damage. 
[ ] Assign Responsibilities  Designate personnel to be responsible for managing the backup process. 
[ ] Verify Backup Completion  Ensure that the backup process is complete, and all critical data has been successfully backed up.
[ ] Have a Disaster Recovery Plan  Develop a plan that outlines the steps to take in the event of data loss.


CyberTek’s Disaster Backup and Recovery tools comprehensively map your network to ensure all critical data is accounted for, deploy state-of-art software that requires minimal involvement on your end, and remotely back up your entire system every night.  

Rely on our experts to give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be quickly back up and running even in a worst-case scenario.  

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