Advisory Services

Your Virtual CIO/CISO

Today, IT security professionals have never been so essential. Why?

  • Cyberattacks aren’t going away. In fact, the volume and potency of today’s threat vectors are increasing.
  • Innovations and their required, accompanying integrations grow in both sophistication and complexity.
  • Workers are working remote (e.g. from home, from the road, etc.) now more than ever.

Security itself is growing more difficult. Finding effective leadership over your entire IT security apparatus is more difficult still.

Allow Cybertek to be your Virtual Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer (CIO/CISO). We will take the responsibility to:

  • Deliver on projects while leading your IT security team.
  • Implement security best-practices.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with top leadership. 

Your Virtual DPO

Reporting to executive leadership, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is your organization’s advocate for the protection of personal data. They oversee data processing activities and work to mitigate associated risks (GDPR Art. 39.2). For organizations in the hospitality industry, the following are essential qualities of a DPO:

  • Expertise in data protection/data privacy laws and practices.
  • Experience in data protection program management.
  • Expertise in hotel data processing activities.
  • Experience in the complexities of modern hotel operations

Data Compliance

From GDPR to HIPAA and beyond, Cybertek will meticulously assess your data handling practices, implement robust protocols, and offer ongoing support to mitigate risk and maintain compliance. Partner with us to safeguard sensitive information, uphold regulatory standards, and foster trust with stakeholders, all while unlocking new opportunities for growth.

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