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VENZA Releases Vision ’22

VENZA Releases Vision ’22

Updates and Enhancements to Programs, Solutions, and Services 

In the spring of 2021, VENZA announced a commitment to produce and release an extensive list of program updates as part of their Product Roadmap Vision 2022. As of last month, they have delivered on this promise. Vision 2022 updates and enhancements are now available to all VENZA customers. 

“Fulfillment is a core value at VENZA,” Jeff Venza, CEO, said. “When we make a promise, we deliver. I couldn’t be happier with the output and quality of the Vision ’22 release, and I cannot wait to see what the ’23 release has in store.”  

The three most remarkable parts of this release are the redesigned basic learning path which has a modernized look and a condensed, effective teaching style; the proctored training program which is an efficient training delivery method that certifies large amounts of team members at once; and the PEAK revamp which included a user interface redesign, a phishing campaign manager, reporting performance improvements, and 11 additional performance enhancements.  

Other important components include:  

2 NEW train-the-trainer guides 7 NEW gamification templates (all QR code) 
3 updated and translated eLearning modules 7 NEW legislative briefs 
2 NEW mini vids NEW Information security policies 
8 NEW posters (4 traditional, 4 QR code) NEW Data protection policies 
29 NEW phishing campaign templates Full HR Suite content translated to Spanish

“We’ve enhanced and adapted the elearning experience to new learners by making content more interactive and accessible with microlearning modules, QR codes, and mobile-friendly content,” Barbara Espinosa, Product Manager, said. “One of our main goals with this release was to create highly flexible content that aligned with an industry shifting to asynchronous learning. By leveraging different interactive elements and applying them at different touchpoints, we’ve created a learning ecosystem beyond those found in more conventional corporate training programs.” 

QR code enhanced posters directing staff to mini-vids, games, and mobile modules as well as phishing templates available in multiple new languages will help busy learners stay sharp.  

If group training is your preferred learning approach, VENZA is investing in initiatives to accommodate this method such as their Train-the-Trainer packets and live Proctored Training sessions led by the Customer Success team.  

Customers that must comply with complicated legislation or industry regulations can leverage their new legislative briefs that distill these requirements down to one page, and their policy templates to establish a governance foundation. 

To help their clients with staffing challenges, CyberTek MSSP (VENZA’s managed security solutions subsidiary) offers a full suite of managed network and security services designed to eliminate the stress and costs of in-house information technology and infrastructure operations. These products and services include help desk, log and threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, dark web scanning, and endpoint detection and response.  

But there is even more. The first stage of VENZA GRC, the central node in a comprehensive network of VENZA software and third-party solutions, will be released free of charge at the beginning of next quarter to all existing customers for beta testing as development of integrations, compliance and audit functions, tasking and project management, automated vendor risk management capabilities, and more continues throughout the year. 

Stay Tuned 

VENZA announced they will be working on more amazing new products coming this year, and you will not want to miss out. Stay tuned for their next Product Roadmap release featuring exciting program updates for 2023.