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About the brand

We have been as a leading provider of technical support and consulting services for businesses in Louisville and Southern Indiana since 1997

CyberTek Engineering offers a full suite of Managed Network Services catered to eliminating the stress and costs of managing IT operations and infrastructure in-house. We provide solutions that allow you to focus on running a smooth operation. CyberTek offers the peace of mind in knowing your IT is being continuously and proactively monitored and maintained by seasoned professionals.


We strive to grow our knowledge base to grow mutually. We’re always on the lookout for new innovations, as our ever-changing world brings us new and better ways to move forward.


Meeting and exceeding the standards of those who depend on us to keep their operations running smoothly is priority.


We’re in this together. We’ve got your back. Rest easy.

Looking for rapid professional growth and continuous exposure to different technologies?

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